Trade Show Inflatables

Trade Show Visibility

Two of the primary objectives for every trade show booth are to attract attention and draw people in. This can be a challenge in exhibit halls inundated with repetitious banners, flat screens and tensioned fabric displays. Since 1979, Next Generation Inflatables & Displays has been helping businesses design high impact trade show displays using innovative inflatable products.

The Inflatable Advantage

Our advertising balloons, cold air inflatables, Multimedia Inflatables and product replicas are cost effective, proven solutions that deliver incredible results. Display products that are out of the ordinary captivate people’s attention and draw them in. Trade show inflatables excel at this and give you an exceptional advantage over other exhibiters.

Application of Trade Show Inflatables


Helium advertising balloons get your branding up high for everyone to see. They are easy to use and reduce setup time, labor and rigging expenses.

Cold Air

Cold air inflatables are simple to transport and setup in minutes without almost any effort. They are highly customizable and can really bring your booth to life. Inflatable tents and kiosks combine high visibility branding with a functional, easy to use space.


Revolutionary Multimedia Inflatables combine high-resolution video screens and exterior branding. These one-of-a-kind displays bridge the gap between digital signage and advertising inflatables. They captivate attention and deliver a message like nothing else on the market.

Giant Inflatables

Giant inflatable product replicas make your product a standout among the crowd. They also allow customers to connect with your product on a more emotional level. Advanced digital printing can bring them to life with incredible realism.

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