Inflatable Letters

Giant Inflatable Letters and Numbers

Make a statement at your next event with giant letters from Next Generation Inflatables. We can create several different types of  inflatable letters including:

  • Cold air inflatable letters
  • Sealed giant letters
  • Helium filled giant floating letters

Many Styles Available

Next Generation Inflatables is the premiere supplier of giant custom inflatable letters. Whether you are looking for simple rounded letters, a squared off design or a completely custom look, our team has the ability to bring your vision to reality. We can create our inflatable letters individually or combine them as a single unit. We offer several different fabric types in many colors, as well as digital printing to ensure we can create letters to meet your exact specifications.

Inflatable letters

Unique Applications

Inflatable letters are excellent for special events, trade shows, parades, festivals and more. They can be mounted at ground level, float with helium, be hung from ceilings or installed on rooftops. We can also customize our inflatable letters for projection mapping or illumination.

Inflatable Letters

Complete Customization

Our inflatable letters are completely custom designed and made to order. We do not do rentals and have no off-the-shelf options available. The most popular sizes for sealed, freestanding letters, range between 5-10 feet tall per letter. Many letters are block shape, meaning they are about as wide as they are tall. Our inflatable letters are made of premium, heavy-duty materials and are intended for repeated use for many years. More simplistic, puffy shaped letters are best for free standing, while thinner, more detailed letters often must be externally supported. It is important to note that giant inflatable letters are fully custom, hand made creations, when considering budget and timeframe. For more information or ideas, please contact us.

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