Illuminated Inflatables

Innovative Lighting Systems

Next Generation Inflatables & Displays has been creating innovative lighting systems for our illuminated advertising balloons, spheres, parade balloons and cold air inflatables since the late 1980’s. We are the nation’s premier supplier of illuminated helium advertising balloons and the exclusive supplier of America’s oldest nighttime parade featuring all illuminated parade balloons.

Illuminated Inflatables

Bright and Highly Efficient

Our Next Generation illumination systems are highly efficient and feature some of the most advanced lighting technology in the world. They are the result of years of research and development as well as recent advancements in cutting edge LED design. Some illuminated inflatables currently on the market use halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs draw an incredible amount of power and emit extreme heat. Other products use older, inexpensive LED technology, which is low in lumens, does not disperse light evenly and is not intended for use inside closed environments.

Illumination System Technical Highlights

  • A patented omni-directional light diffuser that spreads light more efficiently than ever before, providing the most accurate light distribution currently available in an LED bulb.

  • Highly advanced thermal tunneling for cooling, which allows unrestricted use in fully enclosed environments with up to 90% moisture.

  • Up to 40,000 hours of use.

  • A weight reduction of 50% compared to similar products, reducing weight for helium applications.

  • Among the most brightness per watt of any LED product in the world, with systems ranging from 4,000 to over 100,000 lumens

  • Up to 99% more energy efficient than halogen lit inflatables and do not generate heat.

  • No glass or mercury, which can be dangerous if broken inside of an inflatable.

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