Multimedia Inflatables

The Latest Technology

The next generation of inflatable display technology is here. Combining eye-catching branding with a robust audiovisual interface, the Multimedia Inflatable offers 360 degrees of unprecedented branding power. Get noticed and draw attention at your next event. The one-of-a-kind Multimedia Inflatable is a standout among the more common, repetitious banners, flat screens and tensioned fabric displays.

Multimedia Inflatable

Multiple Applications

The Multimedia Inflatable is a high impact display product that allows you to capture the audience’s attention. The combination of high-resolution video screens and full-color printed graphics, gives users a high profile, high visibility presence at various types of events.

Configurable Screens

Multimedia inflatables are a revolutionary event technology. With up to four screens they are a single point, multiple screen solution that can show similar or different content on each screen. Since they are inflatables they are lightweight, ultra portable and easy to setup saving time, money and labor. Surface area between screens can be used for printed logos and graphics, further enhancing their 360-degree visibility and branding power.

Multimedia Inflatable

360-Degree Visibility

Multimedia inflatable displays excel at reaching audiences in multiple directions. They are an excellent solution for indoor and outdoor events including trade shows, concerts, festivals and sporting events. The way Multimedia Inflatables combine video screens within a branded advertising balloon is unprecedented. They attract attention, increase brand visibility as well as promote and sponsor like nothing else on the market. To find out more about how these exciting inflatable video displays can enhance your next event, contact us today.

Let the Multimedia Inflatable help your company get noticed, attract customers and rise above the competition at your next corporate event.
The Multimedia Inflatable is a perfect fit for game day applications. Easy on and off graphics and jackets instantly transform standard displays into custom branding elements, such as basketballs, baseballs, golf balls, etc. The high-resolution large screen displays clearly show live coverage of the game, as well as targeted sales and marketing messages from event sponsors.
The Multimedia Inflatable captures the audience’s attention with live video of all the on-stage action, while eye-catching branding gives your sponsor’s a high visibility presence.
Take advantage of unused space and stand out with high impact inflatable digital signage displays. The Multimedia Inflatable is perfect for malls, atriums, food courts and lobbies, as both long-term displays or as a temporary event-marketing platform.
You can customize many aspects of the Multimedia Inflatable including size, shape, color, graphics and screen configurations. There are also several different installation methods available to effectively implement the Multimedia Inflatable into your next event.
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