Helium Parade Balloons

Hundreds of Custom Designs

For over 87 years, parade balloons have captivated audiences of all ages. At parades around the world, spectators travel great distances to see giant helium filled balloons soar overhead. At Next Generation Inflatables, we’ve been creating helium parade balloons for over 26 years. To date, we’ve produced well over 100 custom designs that are used in numerous parades annually.

The Industries Best

Our team is highly experienced and among the best in the industry. We can custom design helium parade balloons in almost any shape ranging in size from about 7’ to over 85’. Custom artwork, digital printing and illumination enable us to translate even the smallest details into incredible helium parade balloons, for day or night events. We design our helium parade balloons to be as efficient as possible, saving helium and money. Our team can work closely with you to custom tailor a solution for virtually any route or budget. For more information about our helium parade balloons, contact us today.

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