How to Deflate, Clean and Store Advertising Balloons

With proper care and storage, high quality advertising balloons from Next Generation Inflatables can last indefinitely. The topics discussed in this article will help to keep your inflatable in excellent condition for many years to come.

Deflation: When it is time to take down your advertising balloon, find a flat, open space that is free of obstructions. Seek out as clean and smooth of a surface as possible and always use a tarp or 4 to 6mil plastic sheeting. Undo the inflation port(s) to begin evacuation. We recommend using a shop vacuum for quick and efficient deflation. If no deflation aids are available, rotate the balloon so the inflation port is facing straight up towards the sky, in the 12 o’clock position. Helium rises and this position will increase the rate of evacuation. The 12 o’clock position is also advantageous for air filled balloons.

TipAvoid squeezing, lying on the inflatable or other forceful methods of evacuation. This will not greatly increase the rate of evacuation and can cause seam damage or lead to tearing your inflatable. Open ports fully.

Deflating Advertising Balloons

Evacuate The Inflatable: Before rolling up advertising balloons for storage, evacuate as much air as possible. An inflatable with residual air is difficult to roll and can cause seam damage. Once the inflatable is mostly evacuated, spread it out on the setup mat. If your inflatable is illuminated, remove the lighting system prior to packing and storage.

Deflate Advertising Balloons

Fold Over Horizontally: Fold the inflatable over horizontally so that it is laid out in a linear manor for rolling. This usually requires 2-3 folds. Always leave the filling port outside of the folds so remaining air can escape freely.

Fold Advertising Balloons

Roll Towards The Filling Port: Always roll advertising balloons towards the filling port. This will allow remaining air to exit. Larger inflatables will sometimes have trapped pockets of air. Avoid forcefully trying to squeeze it out as it can damage the inflatable. With time, all air will evacuate on its own.


Cleaning & Maintenance:  Cleaning advertising balloons will help maintain their appearance and prolong the life of their materials. For general cleaning, we use Windex multi-surface with vinegar. It contains Ph balancers, which leave a clean haze free finish. For inflatables with heavier soiling, Simple Green works well to cut through dirt and grease. To remove tar and other contaminants, we recommend Goo Gone. Before storing inflatables for an extended period of time, we strongly recommend throughly cleaning and drying them first.

Warning: Harsh solvents can ruin the artwork on your inflatable and degrade the materials it is constructed of.

Advertising Balloons Cleaning

Storage: The way in which advertising balloons are stored will have a significant impact on their lifespan. Advertising balloons should always be stored in a dry environment. We recommend sealed plastic storage bins. They are an inexpensive investment, which offers added protection during storage. We regularly service properly stored inflatables 10-15+ years after they were constructed.

WarningAdvertising balloons should never be rolled up or stored wet. The materials they are constructed of are water resistant while in use; however, mold and mildew will set in quickly when inflatables are stored wet. Irreversible damage can occur even after a short amount of time. Always throughly dry inflatables before packing them away for storage.

advertising balloons storage