Custom Multimedia Inflatables

Innovative ideas

Next Generation Inflatables has been an industry leader in providing innovative inflatables for special events since 1979. Recently, we partnered with a local San Diego late night variety talk show, called Tonight In San Diego, providing them with custom multimedia inflatables for special events and live tapings.

Custom Multimedia Inflatable

Custom Multimedia Inflatable

Unique implementations

Tonight In San Diego is a unique show featuring a wide variety of content including comedy, music, improv, man-on-the-street bits and more. It is all about showcasing  San Diego’s gems, in a familiar format that really isn’t available outside of New York and Los Angeles. It is shot in front of a live audience and broadcast online. Our custom multimedia inflatables are an excellent solution for these events, providing high-visibility video screens, large areas for removable branding and quick, simple setup. Custom multimedia inflatables can be used indoors or outdoors and are configurable in numerous ways.

One-of-a-kind event technology

Custom multimedia inflatables from Next Generation Inflatables excel at reaching audiences in multiple directions. The way multimedia inflatables combine video screens within a branded advertising balloon is unprecedented. They attract attention, convey a message as well as promote and sponsor like nothing else on the market. Get noticed and draw attention at your next event. One-of-a-kind custom multimedia inflatables are a standout among more common display solutions.

multimedia Inflatable
multimedia inflatable

To find out more about Tonight In San Diego, visit their website.

For further information and specifications about our custom multimedia inflatables, visit our multimedia inflatables page, or contact us today.