Inflatable Advertising

High visibility options for any budget or project

At Next Generation Inflatables, we have been providing giant advertising balloons since 1979. Over the last 36 years, new digital technologies have drastically changed the way in which businesses advertise and engage their customers. In spite of that, inflatable advertising is one of the few marketing and signage strategies that is as effective today as it was several decades ago. In fact, inflatable advertising is still the preferred method by many events, marketing and PR professionals due to the low cost of operation, ease of use and high impact nature of  inflatables. We custom design and create a wide variety of inflatable types, allowing us to provide the right product for almost any implementation.

Trade show inflatables 

Our advertising balloons, cold air inflatables, Multimedia Inflatables and product replicas are cost effective, proven solutions that deliver incredible results. Display products that are out of the ordinary captivate people’s attention and draw them in. Trade show inflatables excel at elevating your branding and give you an exceptional advantage over other exhibiters in a sea of repetitious flat screens and tensioned fabric displays.  Inflatables are also easy to setup and are extremely portable, making them the ideal trade show product.

Trade Show balloons

Parade Balloon

Parade balloons 

Parade balloons are a powerful form of inflatable advertising and an excellent way to showcase your company, while getting involved with the community. Giant inflatable characters, mascots and product replicas will have thousands cheering as they make their way down the parade route. Parade balloons allow others to connect with your brand on a higher level, while creating a buzz and generating media attention.

Illuminated inflatables 

Next Generation Inflatables has custom designed the brightest and most efficient LED inflatable lighting system available. These brilliant illuminated inflatables leave a lasting impression at special events and night parades. Our illuminated inflatables are customizable in both helium and cold air options. Advanced digital printing allows your logo to shine bright for everyone to see.

Illuminated Inflatables

Helium advertising balloon

Helium advertising balloons

Helium blimps and spheres are one of the oldest and most popular forms of inflatable advertising. Next Generation Inflatables has been providing these products since the 1970’s and our customers have had tremendous success with them over the years. These products are highly visible aerial landmarks for business locations, special events, trade shows, festivals, concerts and more. They are powerful promotional tools that place your branding up high for everyone to see.

Inflatable logos 

Logo promotion is one of the most effective methods of improving brand recognition and few products are as visually impactful as advertising inflatables. Giant inflatable logos and letters will make your brand larger than life and instantly stand out from the crowd. Next Generation Inflatables can custom design inflatable logos in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

Inflatable logo
Inflatable Mascot
Inflatable mascots 

Inflatable mascots and characters are an excellent way to promote your organization. These larger than life replicas make a statement, involve the crowd and enhance the overall atmosphere, while creating a memorable connection to your brand. Depending on the event type and purpose, inflatable mascots can be created in a variety of ways to provide maximum flexibility.