Advertising Balloons

Advertising Balloons are Our Specialty

We have been providing them since 1979 and we are one of the longest standing suppliers in the industry. Many other advertising balloon companies are simply resellers, offering a variety of advertising products. We focus solely on the design, creation and implementation of advertising balloons, ensuring we are committed to continuous innovation, while providing the best advertising balloons at the most competitive prices.

Helium Advertising Balloon
Advertising Balloon

Advantages of Adverting Balloons

Our advertising balloons can be created in many different styles, shapes and sizes. All of our balloons feature high quality vinyl or polyurethane coated materials, which provide long-term durability as well as UV and fire resistance. We offer top quality logos, hand painting and full digital printing to bring your advertising balloons to life.

Customizable in Almost Everyway

Whether your targeted audience is driving past a business, attending a special event or walking through an exhibition hall, advertising balloons greatly enhance visibility and draw crowds. They are cost effective, simple to use, extremely portable, compact for storage and easy to ship. Few other advertising products offer as much flexibility as advertising balloons.

Advertising balloon types
  • Helium parade balloons
  • Helium spheres and blimps
  • Illuminated inflatables
  • Cold air inflatables
  • Inflatable product replicas
  • Multimedia Inflatables
  • Custom inflatables