Helium Blimps

High Visibility

Helium advertising blimps are powerful promotional tools that effectively drive traffic and increase visibility. When flown above businesses, Custom helium blimps can be seen from miles away and have been proven to immediately increase traffic by as much as 30%. Special events, fairs, trade shows and concerts are also excellent places to take advantage of the high visibility and exceptional branding capabilities helium advertising blimps provide. Compared to helium spheres, helium advertising blimps provide a larger surface for branding as well as more stability in breezy conditions.

Helium Blimp

Helium Blimp

The Custom Blimp Advantage

While many suppliers have a more standardized selection, we specialize in customization and offer a wide variety of blimp materials, sizes, colors and styles. This ensures we can provide you with the ideal product for your specific implementation and budget. Digital printing enables us to accurately duplicate your artwork or branding and optional removable banner systems allow you to change the branding on your blimp as needed. Our custom illumination system will turn your blimp into a high visibility solution day or night. For more information about our custom helium blimps, contact us today.

Our Most Popular Helium Advertising Blimp Sizes & Styles

PVC Inflatable Fin Advertising Blimps

13′ PVC Blimp

20′ PVC Blimp

25′ PVC Blimp

33′ PVC Blimp

Rigid Fin Advertising Blimps

20′ Rigid Fin Blimp

24′ Rigid Fin Blimp

30′ Rigid Fin Blimp

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