Trade Show Inflatables

Trade Show Visibility

Two of the primary objectives for every trade show booth are to attract attention and draw people in. This can be a challenge in exhibit halls inundated with repetitious banners, flat screens and tensioned fabric displays. Since 1979, Next Generation Inflatables has been helping businesses worldwide, design high impact trade show displays of all shapes and sizes, using innovative inflatable products.

The Inflatable Advantage

Our helium spheres, product replicas and multimedia inflatables are proven solutions that have delivered incredible results for decades. Display products that are out of the ordinary captivate people’s attention and draw them in. Trade show inflatables excel at this and give you an exceptional advantage over other exhibiters. Nothing is easier to transport, store or quickly set up than inflatables. Helium spheres require no rigging and are the most cost-effective aerial signage solution available.

Trade Show Balloons

Application of Trade Show Inflatables


Helium advertising balloons get your branding up high for everyone to see. They are easy to use and reduce setup time, labor and rigging expenses. Internal LED illumination is available.

Product Replicas

Inflatable product replicas make your product a standout among the crowd. These are most commonly hung above booths. Other implementations such as mounting or free standing are possible as well. Like helium products, some shapes and sizes can be internally lit with LED lighting.


Revolutionary multimedia inflatables combine the properties of inflatables and projection screens. These one-of-a-kind displays bridge the gap between digital signage and advertising inflatables. They captivate attention and deliver a message like nothing else on the market.

Cold Air

Cold air inflatables are simple to setup in minutes without almost any effort. They are highly customizable and can really bring your booth to life. Blower noise and power use should be a consideration with these products. Helium and sealed products tend to be the most common trade show inflatables, followed by cold air units.

Helium Trade Show Inflatables

For almost 40 years, helium spheres have always been our most popular trade show inflatable product. Having signage hung at trade shows has always been expensive, not to mention a big hassle. Helium inflatables have always been easy to set up by the exhibitor, cost-effective to purchase and much cheaper to use vs other aerial signage. While full custom helium shapes tend to be a bit too large for most booths to scale, helium cubes, blimps and ovals are all staples, in addition to the very popular helium sphere. Next Generation Inflatables is one of the original suppliers of these products. We offer the highest quality products and we are not a re-seller like so many other companies in this part of the industry.

Trade Show Helium Sphere

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Trade Show Inflatable Replica

Inflatable Product Replicas

Inflatable product replicas and logos for trade shows are another very popular option. The most common type are sealed units, which are hung over the booth, mounted or freestanding. Larger than helium spheres, but not nearly as large as custom helium shapes. Our team is able to scale sealed units into smaller sizes than helium versions, since they do not have to provide enough lift to float. These can be created using standard or heavy-duty material based on your needs. Handheld inflatable signage or replicas have also been created to be walked throughout exhibit halls by team members. Like other inflatable types, these deflate into a small package that is easy to store and transport.

Multimedia Inflatables

Next Generation Inflatables has always been one of the most innovative companies in the inflatable industry. Our multimedia inflatables are a prime example of this. Several years ago, we had some incredible inflatables with built-in projection systems. This combined video and external branding in a very unique way. Today, video mapping software has reduced the need for cumbersome and prohibitively expensive internal projection. We can now create full custom shaped inflatables in various sizes and inflatable types, to function as multimedia inflatables. These unique units combine the benefits of inflatables and digital signage. The result is always an incredible, jaw dropping display.

Trade Show Inflatable

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