Custom Cold Air

Maximize Your Budget

Custom cold air inflatables are an effective way to maximize your advertising budget, build brand awareness and generate attention. For decades, inflatable advertising has been a staple for businesses in almost every industry at retail locations, special events and trade shows. As one of the most predominate forms of inflatable advertising, cold air inflatables are cost-effective, easy to use and get serious results.

Custom Cold Air Inflatable

Fully Customizable

At Next Generation Inflatables, we’ve specialized in designing and creating custom advertising inflatables since 1979. Our cold air inflatables can be constructed of several different types of materials depending upon your specific needs. We can color match a wide variety of pantone colors and our advanced digital printing ensures even the smallest details are accurately translated onto your inflatable. Our skilled team can design many different types of customized cold air inflatables.

Cold Air Inflatable Usage

Inflatable arches
Inflatable characters, costumes and mascots
Inflatable product replicas
Inflatable pavilions, tents and tunnels
Inflatable signage
Full custom designs