Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arches for special events

Custom inflatable arches are huge attention getters at marathons, triathlons, races, and other special events. Artwork can be printed directly onto the inflatable, or detachable banners can be implemented. Detachable banners are beneficial because they allow you to change logos or sponsors as needed. Due to their inflatable nature, our archways are simple to setup and easy to transport. This saves time, labor and ultimately money.

Inflatable Arch
Inflatable Arches

Multiple applications

Inflatable arches can be used to mark the beginning, end or transition areas of races. They can also be used as entryways for various types of special events. Depending on the event and purpose, we can customize inflatable arches in a variety of ways to give you maximum flexibility.

Complete customization

Next Generation Inflatables specializes in customization and we can create a solution that is perfect for you. We offer fabrics in several weights and many different colors. Digital printing and 3D inflatable details are the perfect finishing touches. If you have been considering inflatables arches for your event, contact us today and see what our incredible design team can do for you.

Inflatable Arches