Inflatable Mascots

Make Your Mascot Larger Than Life

From animated costumes to giant parade balloons, inflatable mascots and characters are an excellent way to promote your organization. These larger than life replicas make a statement, involve the crowd and enhance the overall atmosphere, while creating a memorable connection to your brand. Depending on the event type and purpose, inflatable mascots can be created in a variety of ways to provide maximum flexibility.

Inflatable Mascots

Types of Inflatable Mascots

  • Cold Air Inflatables: For stationary mascots, cold air inflatables are an excellent choice. They can be constructed of coated nylon in various weights for durability and tethered in place for stability. Cold air inflatable mascots utilize a blower system, which keeps them properly inflated at all times. They can range in size from a few feet to nearly 70 feet tall.
  • Inflatable Costumes: If interaction is an important aspect of your strategy, wearable inflatable costumes make excellent mascots. Inflatable costumes utilize internal blowers worn by the user. They are comfortable, can be worn for hours and are sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who they come in contact with.
  •  Custom Parade Balloons: Inflatable mascots translate well into Parade Inflatables. Parades are an excellent way to reach a new audience and your larger than life mascot will have the crowd cheering.

At Next Generation Inflatables, we’ve been creating custom inflatables since 1979. Our products are powerful marketing tools for special events, parades and trade shows. For more information about our customized inflatable mascots, contact us today.