Illuminated Spheres

The spheres

Since 1988, Next Generation Inflatables has specialized in the creation of illuminated inflatables. Over the years, illuminated spheres have been our most popular illuminated inflatable products. Available in sizes ranging from 3’ to over 20’, illuminated spheres can be helium balloons, air tight or cold air inflatables. Many pantone colors as well as logos, full digital printing and inflatable details make illuminated spheres highly customizable, enabling them to be used in many different types of applications.

Illuminated Inflatable Spheres

Illuminated Spheres

Even illumination

Our Next Generation illumination system is highly efficient and features the most advanced LED lighting technology in the world. This technology allows our inflatables to be lit more evenly than others and we take an innovative approach, which is unique compared to most other illuminated inflatables. Our products are durable, cost effective and easy to use. They are high impact, high visibility solutions for businesses, special events, parades, festivals and trade shows. We can create illuminated spheres that are ideal for either visual purposes or area lighting, with LED systems ranging from 4,000 to over 100,000 lumens.