Custom Projection Mapping Inflatables

Technology to advertise, entertain or inform

Projection mapping uses video projectors and special software to turn 3D objects into interactive displays. This exciting technology has become increasingly popular for advertising, special events and theatrical productions. Inflatables are an excellent medium for projection mapping, because they are cost-effective and simple to use. Projection mapping inflatables can be customized in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our second generation ownership combines decades of inflatable and audiovisual expertise, allowing us to emerge as an industry leader. Our team has collaborated with numerous event technology companies to design many different styles of projection mapping inflatables.

Projection Sphere
Projection Inflatable

The most common types of projection mapping inflatables are:

  • Cold Air Inflatables
  • Sealed
  • Helium (size and weight restrictions apply)

Compared to rigid structures, inflatables are much easier to set up and take down, saving time and money. They also deflate into a compact package, which is a fraction of their inflated size for easy transportation and storage. Projection mapping inflatables are a flexible solution, which can be constructed from fabrics of various weights for indoor and outdoor use.

The most typical installation methods of projection mapping inflatables are:

  • Hanging
  • Ground | Base Mounted
  • Floating

In addition to video mapping, our projection inflatables can also be used with lighting. Through research and development as well as collaboration with some of the industries leading providers, our projection mapping inflatables feature:

  • A special dual layer design, which enhances brightness, contrast and saturation, providing similar characteristics to a typical front projection screen.
  • Low profile, strategically placed tether points to prevent shadows.
  • Various material types and weights depending upon the implementation.

Projection Letters