Special Events

Event Marketing, Sponsorship and Promotions

Inflatables are well suited for event marketing, sponsorship and promotions. They are high impact displays that command attention and place your branding front and center. Inflatables are also extremely portable, simple to setup and easy to store, saving time and money. Marketing experts, event producers and businesses regularly use inflatables at special events, trade shows and sporting venues.

Event Multimedia Inflatable

Chevy Multimedia Inflatable

Multimedia Advertising

Multimedia Inflatables combine exterior branding with video screens, making them the most unique event marketing product avilable. The one-of-a-kind combination of video and printed media, on a giant advertising inflatable, equals a promotional tool with unmatched branding and sponsorship abilities.

Daylight Viewable Video Displays

Even with today’s advanced technology, displaying videos or digital content outdoors during the day is quite challenging. Traditional video displays are not viewable in direct sunlight and often overheat. LED displays designed for outdoor use are continuously evolving; however, they are still very expensive, often use heavy support structures and require a lot of time and labor to set up and tear down. These challenges are an ongoing struggle for event planners looking for daylight viewable video displays for outdoor events, festivals and concerts.

Event Multimedia Inflatable
Event Multimedia Inflatable

Our inflatable daylight viewable video displays are an ultra lightweight, simple and cost effective solution for many types of daylight implementations. Their specialized internal rear projection system is the first of its kind in an inflatable and the only rear projection screen viewable in direct sunlight. In addition to their video screens, they also offer between 50 and 671 square feet of surface area for removable printed logos, graphics and promotions.