Inflatable Video Displays

Exciting New Event Technology

Inflatable video displays are an exciting new event technology product. They combine video screens within advertising inflatables, resulting in an innovative combination of exterior branding and audiovisual content. Inflatable video displays are available in several different styles, typically ranging in size from approximately four feet to twenty feet. They can feature one to four screens, depending upon the inflatable size, with several types of single screen models producing a daylight viewable image. LED illuminated versions are also available for low light situations to further enhance the atmosphere. Removable skins and graphics allow customized exterior branding as needed, eliminating the need for permanent printing.

Inflatable Video Display
Inflatable Video Display

Versatile For Any Type of Event

Inflatable video displays are extremely versatile and offer creative solutions for almost any type of special event. Whether they are being used for temporary outdoor events or as longer-term indoor solutions, inflatable video displays are an innovative way to advertise, sponsor and display video content. There are several ways they can be installed including hanging, freestanding, customized implementations and larger versions can even float with helium. Few other products on the market offer so much versatility in such a lightweight, ultra portable package.