Parade Balloons

Materials and Construction

All of our parade inflatables are constructed using top quality vinyl and urethane based materials, which provide excellent durability, as well as fire, water and UV resistance. We offer an extensive variety of pantone colors, exceptional hand painted artwork and the most advanced full digital printing technology available. Our helium parade balloons are engineered for maximum efficiency, reducing your helium costs and saving you money.

Customized Parade Balloon
Customized Parade Balloon

Expert Balloon Operations Team

Next Generation Inflatables & Displays parade operations team regularly services parades ranging in size from a few balloons to over 33 giant helium parade balloons. We are professional, innovative, highly experienced and possess the specialized knowledge and equipment necessary to safely and efficiently service your parade.

Premier Custom Balloon Provider

We are the premier provider of custom illuminated parade balloons for night parades, a specialty of ours dating back to 1989. Since 1990, we have been the exclusive supplier for numerous parades including the Fiesta Bowl Parade and the Phoenix APS Electric Light Parade.

Customized Parade Balloon