Non-Helium Parade Balloons

Non Helium Parade Balloon

An Alternative Solution to Helium

Parade balloons are a time-honored tradition that has wowed millions of parade goers around the world, dating back to the 1920’s. Due to a global helium shortage, a greater emphasis has been placed on non-helium parade balloons. By using air-filled inflatables, parade organizers and sponsors reduce expenses and add sustainability. Custom air-filled shapes can also be made smaller than helium parade balloons for routes that can’t accommodate large helium balloons.

Fully Customizable

Since 1990, Next Generation Inflatables has specialized in the creation of custom parade balloons. We are continuously innovating non-helium parade balloons that are visually appealing and awe-inspiring. Our non-helium parade balloons can be custom made from a variety of materials in almost any shape or size. Airtight balloons, cold air inflatables and inflatable costumes are the most common types. Our non-helium parade balloons can also be custom illuminated, creating a brilliant night parade experience.

Non Helium Parade Balloon