LED Lighting Balloons

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The Next Generation of  LED Lighting Balloons

LED Lighting Balloons

Flexible, Bright and Highly Efficient

Gone are the days where lighting balloons require power-hungry halogen or HMI bulbs to offer high luminous output. Those configurations often require large amounts of amperage, making their use on location both challenging and costly. The elimination of fuses and ballasts further enhances ease of use as well as reliability. Our Next Generation LED lighting balloons provide many advantages and features including:

  • Glare free, even illumination. LED light sources available from 26,000 to 156,000 lumens in either 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 or 5,700 Kelvin. Equivalent to conventional light balloons using 1,500 to 8,000 watts, with only 200 to 1,200 watts of actual consumption.
  • Premium quality inflatable envelopes, which are UV and fire resistant. Highly customizable based upon your exact needs, including custom shapes, tether systems and artwork. 360 or 180 degree illumination patterns are available.
  • Upper and lower tether points allow flexible implementation for both helium and air filled usage.
  • All Next Generation LED light sources are custom made in the USA and backed by a 5 year warranty with a 50,000 hour life expectancy. All variations feature internal drivers and quiet cooling fans.
  • Our LEDs are 100-300 Multi-Volt AC and come with a 7 piece premium plug adapter set for unrestricted worldwide use. 130 lumens per watt efficiency means minimal power usage.
  •  Each LED light source has a CRI of 80 and is DLC, ETL and LDL listed.
  • Every Next Generation LED light balloon system includes a premium, heavy-duty commercial grade Pelican brand or comparable quality storage case, that is air, water and dust proof with a lifetime warranty.

 In-depth Product Lines

Our LED lighting balloons come in several output configurations to meet a variety of needs. The light sources can be ordered in Kelvin temperatures of 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 or 5,700 degrees. Color correction filters can be utilized or multiple light sources of different Kelvin temperatures can be purchased.

Our LED lighting balloons come in the following versions:

  • 1,000 watt equivalent (200 watts actual consumption)   26,500 lm  (Helium or Air)
  • 1,500 watt equivalent (250 watts actual consumption)    32,500 lm  (Helium or Air)
  • 2,000 watt equivalent (300 watts actual consumption)   39,000 lm  (Helium or Air)
  • 3,000 watt equivalent (400 watts actual consumption)   65,000 lm  (Helium or Air)
  • 4,000 watt equivalent (600 watts actual consumption)   78,000 lm  (Helium or Air)
  • 6,000 watt equivalent (900 watts actual consumption)   117,000 lm (Helium or Air)
  • 8,000 watt equivalent (1,200 watts actual consumption)  156,000 lm (Helium or Air)
  • All versions are currently non-dimmable

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Complete Customization Available

Looking for unique sizes and shapes? Next Generation Inflatables is a full custom supplier since 1979. We can create spheres from 5 to 20 feet in diameter as well as full custom shapes. Please note that not all custom shapes are well suited for internal illumination. Additionally, not all sizes can float with helium. If you have a particular need or unique implementation, chances are we can create something customized to meet your exact specifications. Do you need illuminated inflatables that are not for area lighting purposes?  Next Generation Inflatables also creates lower power LED illumination systems for special events, parades, trade shows and other aesthetic purposes. These systems are equally as advanced and efficient but have lower output, typically ranging from 2,000 to 11,000 lumens.

Choose Your Preferred Lighting Throw Pattern

180 or 360 degree versions available

LED Lighting Balloons

Accessories and Artwork

In addition to all of the high quality components included with our kits, we offer several useful accessories such as: additional inflatable envelopes in many colors, heavy-duty inflatable envelopes (double weight for air filled use only), additional LED light sources in multiple Kelvin temperatures and unique inflatable base systems for ground mounting.

Base Mounted LED Lighting Balloons

We also offer a full range of artwork from hand painted text to full process digital prints for custom logos and branding. All artwork is directly applied to the inflatable envelope in a permanent manner.

Our Illumination History

Next Generation Inflatables illuminated products have been on the market for over 30 years. In the early 1980’s, we were one of the leading American suppliers of customized helium advertising inflatables. Part of that customization was internal illumination systems for night visibility. While most lighted inflatables at the time used halogen or other incandescent light sources, our goal was to provide low wattage, high-efficiency systems. Our original illuminated inflatables utilized florescent tubes, which were implemented via shatter resistant, air tight casings. They were significantly cooler and used substantially less power than any other system on the market. By the late 1980’s, we created a portable florescent ballast system so we could internally illuminate larger helium parade balloons. In 1990 we were the first company in the world to illuminate a custom shape helium parade balloon, a 32′ tall Santa Clause in the City of Phoenix Electric light parade. Today we offer some of the most efficient and brightest LED illuminated helium and air filled inflatables on the market. Having never used incandescent lights in our inflatables, we continue to pioneer innovative, high efficiency systems. Our Next Generation LED lighting balloons provide a new level of value and flexibility for users across a multitude of industries.


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