Lighting Balloon Comparision

Next Generation Inflatables LED lighting balloons offer incredible efficiency, brightness and value. All of our systems utilize highly efficient LEDs, which are available in several Kelvin temperatures. Each lighting balloon kit is 100-300 volts and comes with plug adaptors for worldwide use. Below is a comparison versus similar leading products.

  • Please note: max lumen ratings differ between filament based light sources and LEDs. While an LED’s lumen rating is its total useable output, filament bulb’s lumens are measured at the filament itself. This means the amount of useable lumens being put out at selected distances will be less than at the actual filament. Additionally, a filament bulbs’ luminous output decreases with use as the filament degrades. While it appears halogen bulbs are higher in lumens, the actual useable lumens from LED sources is similar if not higher than halogen, especially over the life of the bulb, given our LEDs have a 50,000 hour life.

This comparison only highlights a few of our 10 standardized models. To read more about our LED lighting balloon product line, click here to view.

We also offer full customization in regard to sizing, shapes and artwork. For spec sheets and pricing, please contact us to discuss your next project.