How to Repair Helium Advertising Balloons

Helium advertising balloons are a long term investment, which provide enhanced visibility and increased traffic. With proper care and storage, high quality helium advertising balloons can last indefinitely and provide steady ROI. The most common fabric types used to construct helium advertising balloons are PVC and polyurethane. At Next Generation Inflatables we have used both fabric types since 1979 and currently use an extremely high grade 18mil PVC. Although polyurethane can provide slightly higher helium retention, it has been our experience over the years that premium quality PVC provides the best combination of long term durability, abrasion resistance, repairability and overall value. The following repair tips will help prolong the life of helium advertising balloons and keep them flying for many years.

Repairing minor to moderate abrasions: 

Repairing minor to moderate abrasions is a relatively quick and simple process. To do so, you will need PVC adhesive that is specially designed for PVC use and a swatch of material that is identical to what the inflatable is constructed of. All of our inflatable products include patch kits with these items. Start by cutting a piece of the patch material. The patch should be just slightly larger than the abrasion. Round patches are ideal; however, removing the corners of square or rectangular pieces is sufficient. Pointed corners are more prone to lifting, which is why they should be avoided. Place equal amounts of adhesive around the abrasion and on the patch. Apply the patch, smooth it out and allow time for the two parts to bond.

PVC Inflatable Repair

Seal the outer edge of the patch:

Once the patch has been applied so it is smooth and well adhered, the edges will need to be sealed to ensure the patch is air tight. Apply an even coating of adhesive around the entire edge of the patch. This will cause the patch and the inflatable to bond together. Once the patch is completely bonded with no lifting, the patch is complete. Allow adequate time to dry, which will vary based upon temperature and the amount of adhesive used. Avoid using too much adhesive as this will significantly increase drying time.

PVC Inflatable Repair

Seam separations & large tears:

Seam separations and large tears are most commonly the result of over inflation or helium advertising balloons coming into contact with obstructions. This type of damage requires more complex repairs and will likely have to be restored by a skilled professional. In the event of significant damage, please contact us for more information.

PVC Inflatable Repair