Cold Air Inflatables

What Are Cold Air Inflatables? 

Cold air inflatables are a type of advertising inflatable that can be created in practically any size from about 5  feet to 70 feet tall. They utilize a blower, which runs continuously in order to keep them optimally inflated at all times. Depending on the size and complexity, cold air inflatables can be set up in between 30 seconds and 2 hours. Most cold air inflatables are constructed of vinyl coated nylon fabric, which ranges in weight from 7.5 oz to 18 oz, depending upon the implementation. High quality vinyl coated nylon provides excellent durability as well as UV and fire resistance.

Cold Air Inflatable Types: 

Cold air inflatables are extremely customizable and can be created in almost any shape. The most common types include:

  • Inflatable Product Replicas
  • Inflatable Mascots & Characters
  • Inflatable Logos & Signs
  • Inflatable Arches, Tents & Structures
  • Inflatable Costumes

Cold Air Inflatable Advantages: 

Throughout the years, cold air inflatables have continuously proven to be highly effective marketing tools. The simple fact is, few other products can offer as much visual impact in such an easy to use, cost-effective package. Giant inflatables provide an exciting, entertaining, and memorable perspective of your product or business. Other advantages include:

  • Simple setup and takedown compared to rigid structures
  • Deflates into a compact package, which is a fraction of its inflated size for shipping and storage
  • Highly customizable shapes, sizes, colors, printing & artwork
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, day or night
  • High quality inflatables provide long term durability and repairability

Next Generation Inflatables has been providing quality advertising inflatables since 1979. For more information about our cold air inflatables, contact us today.

Cold Air Inflatables