Helium Advertising Blimps

A proven, trusted solution: 

Helium advertising blimps are a highly visible aerial landmark for business locations, special events, trade shows, festivals, concerts and more. They are powerful promotional tools that place your branding up high for everyone to see. Helium advertising blimps have been used for decades, and are one of the few marketing tools that are as effective today as they were 20 to 30 years ago. Over the years, blimps have been proven to increase traffic up to 30% from as far away as 3 miles, providing excellent ROI. While other forms of signage have significantly increased in price, inflatable advertising has remained a simple to use, cost-effective method, attainable by virtually anyone and any budget.

At Next Generation Inflatables, we can create helium advertising blimps in several different styles, such as:

Rigid Fin Helium Advertising Blimps

Helium Advertising Blimp







Rounded Inflatable Fin Helium Advertising Blimps

Helium Advertising Blimp






Pointed Inflatable Fin Helium Advertising Blimps

Helium Advertising Blimp






Illuminated Helium Advertising Blimps

Illuminated Helium Advertising Blimp







Increased size & flexibility: 

Compared to other helium advertising balloons, such as spheres, helium blimps provide a larger surface for branding and greater stability. Next Generation Inflatables typically creates helium advertising blimps ranging in size from 13′ to 30′ with the ability to create other sizes upon request.

13′-17′ blimps are excellent for indoor use, such as at trade shows. They can be used for a limited time outdoors; however, they lack the lift and stability of larger blimps.

20′-24′ blimps are the most popular size category. These helium advertising blimps provide between 11 and 20 pounds of lifting weight, making them stable indoors or outdoors. They are also able to support banners, signs and LED light kits.

30-33” blimps offer the most advertising space, visual impact and stability. A large open space is required to install and remove these.


Next Generation Inflatables offers many options to customize your helium advertising blimp. We provide both direct printing and removable banner systems, allowing the utmost in flexibility. A wide variety of pantone colors, hand painted artwork and advanced full digital printing ensure even the smallest details translate to your advertising blimp.

For more information about our helium advertising blimps, contact us today.