Custom Helium Spheres


At Next Generation Inflatables, we have been selling custom helium spheres since 1979. Over the last 36 years, new digital technologies have drastically changed the way in which businesses advertise and engage their customers. In spite of that, advertising inflatables are one of the few marketing and signage products that are as effective today as they were several decades ago. In fact, they are still the preferred tool of many event, marketing and PR professionals due to their low cost of operation, ease of use and high impact nature.


Among the various types of helium balloons, custom helium spheres are the most efficient and cost-effective. Their spherical shape eliminates the need for internal support beams and baffles, which reduces weight and increases durability. Custom helium spheres also use less helium then other stock shapes such as blimps and cubes, which lowers operating costs. Due to their low weight and open, unrestricted internal design, helium spheres create more lift than any other helium balloon style. Because of this, custom helium spheres are the preferred inflatable type for special projects where helium balloons are required to lift objects.


Custom helium spheres are an excellent way to advertise and add visibility to your business. These products can be used both indoors and outdoors as a landmark to let everyone know where you are. When floating outdoors, custom helium spheres can attract attention and drive traffic from as far as 3 miles away. Custom helium spheres can also be filled with air and hung. They are the most hassle free way to get an aerial sign up at business locations, trade shows, special events and festivals. Custom helium spheres make excellent parade balloons too.  If you’ve been considering parades as part of your companies’ strategy but your budget or route can’t accommodate giant custom balloons or floats, helium spheres are an excellent option.


Almost every aspect of our spheres are customizable including:

From simple logos to full process digital printing and cutting edge LED illumination, we are one of the oldest premier suppliers of helium spheres. For more information, please contact us today.


Custom Helium Spheres